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MY PHYTO “COLLECTION” straight outta the bathroom!!!


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Hey you! This article is about my story on how I become a big fan of Phyto Paris products. This is how it’s structured:

  • History
  • Outbreak
  • Various purchases to this day with review
  • Phyto RE30 for grey hair


My obsession with Phyto products started circa 3 years ago when I was 27. But this was not when I bought my first product from the brand. I did 2 more years earlier when I suddenly had dandruff (probably stress due to my 1st job). One of my colleagues suggested that I had a look at this brand which fortunately I did. I bought the Phytosquam shampoo and it worked amazingly. I started using this shampoo from time to time when I had dandruff.

PHYTOSQUAM anti-dandruff shampoo.

2 years later, I was in the metro and saw a girl with very beautiful silky shiny healthy hair and thought how she do it? I came back home and started looking at some of my pictures and really didn’t like the way my hair looked. It was dry, unhealthy and crinkly. For the record I die my hair regularly because I have grey hair but I have never bleached it.


I went to a French pharmacy and started looking for a good conditioner. Since Phytosquam worked for dandruff, I expected that a product from Phyto range will work just fine and believe it or not, it was miraculous. I ended up buying Phytokératine Mask for weakened and damaged hair and applying it religiously since then. In one month or so, my hair became shiner and healthier and I have received so many compliments on it.



I started being in a virtuous circle where I wanted everything related to hair being of good quality. I bought a silicone and paraben free shampoo Phytoprogenium for daily use and then sulfate, silicone and paraben free one Phytokératine extrême which contains 95% of natural origin ingredients. Since the latter is a bit expensive, I alternate between the two shampoos. The only thing I do really not like is the bottle packaging. I am so surprised that they are not aware that it’s so not practical: it’s so opaque, the top is so not convenient to pour the right amount of product (I always make a mess). I am thinking about buying bottles with a pouring cap and transfer the shampoos in them.

For hair loss during autumn/winter I use either Phytophanère dietary supplements or Phytocyane treatment for more of a quick treatment. I do like Phytocyane better than Phytophanère. I am not a huge fan of pills in general.

My next purchase was a conditionner: the Phytobaume Hydratation ‘coz why not 😀 (I didn’t repurchase it. I think the mask works fine by itself).

I also tried the Phytocolor Sensitive which is from the coloration range but it didn’t work well for me. I have a lot of grey hair so it probably (and unfortunately) needs more agressive products.

PHYTOCOLOR Sensitive permanent hair dye


Lastly, I started trying Phyto RE30 anti-grey hair treatment after receiving a marketing email from the brand. This is what the brand promises:
“PHYTO RE30, the revolutionary double action formula- Anti-grey hair action- Beautifying action
Proven efficacy in vivo:+ 38% natural repigmentation of grey hair in 3 months*”

PHYTO RE30 anti-grey hair spray

Before buying it, I have contacted the customer service just to make sure that there is no issue in coloring my hair at the same time and they responded by saying that is fine to continue doing it. Below their response in French (I have asked in French too).

Click to zoom

I am at my first bottle. I am not noticing any big changes for the moment but I am confident. Phyto is the bomb so it should work! I will update you soon on the progress.

This is my story with Phyto Paris products. Bottom line I won’t change my hair routine for anything!!

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